Prime responsibility is to understand the overall goal and install plumbing work that meets Connelly’s standard of quality and workmanship and to represent Connelly professionally on the jobsite. Additional responsibilites include:

  • be prepared to work alone with minimal supervision
  • be prepared to perform all aspects of installations including layout, installation, materials handling, clean up
  • Have complete knowledge of the Current BC Plumbing Code and can layout works that conform.
  • advise your Foreman when it's time to order materials
  • ensure you have enough materials for a full 2 days work in advance
  • willing to work cooperatively with other Trades and Contractors
  • Understand and practice safe work habits and report any unsafe conditions
  • willing to work overtime to complete critical tasks
  • have all tools required to perform your trade.
  • willing to teach and advise Apprentices
  • advise on abilities of new workers
  • advise Foreman of any extra work requests by site contractors
  • be willing and able to offer solutions to customers' problems
  • set a good example, be punctual
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